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Desoto Falls

Desoto Falls

Two waterfalls, 2 miles RT.

  • Author: Don McElliott
  • Date Posted: Feb 26, 2015
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Early settlers supposedly found a piece of Spanish armor around the area.  Believing it was left behind by gold explorer, Hernando Desoto or one of his men, the falls were named after him, Desoto Falls.

This is an easy to slightly moderate hike to two waterfalls.  Following the trail from the parking lot, the path goes thru a picnic area, over a small section or road and across the bridge.  The trail to the left leads to Lower Falls and to the right, Middle Falls.

The lower falls is only a .25 mile hike to the platform viewing area, but requires walking up a steep hill.  Otherwise it is a simple hike to the 40 ft high fall.

After viewing Lower Falls, hike back to the bridge and continue another .75 miles beside the creek to the next platform.  This 90 foot high waterfall is called Middle Falls.  The hike to both and back is about 2 miles.



From the Lodge, take a left on Camp Wahsega road (heading back to town).  When you reach the stop sign, turn left onto BUS 19.  Follow BUS 19 for 2 miles to the stop sign.  Take a left onto HWY 60 / 19.  Follow until 60 and 19 split.  You will notice a large pile of rocks in the intersection of the road.  This is a Cherokee Indian princess’s burial called Trahlyta’s Grave.  Turn right on HWY 19 and follow to the stop sign. You will see Turners Corner to your right.  Take a left at the stop sign and follow US 19/129 for 4 miles and the sign to Desoto Falls is on your left.  There is a $3 parking fee.