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Helton Creek Falls

Helton Creek Falls

Easy hike to nice waterfalls

  • Author: Don McElliott
  • Date Posted: Feb 28, 2015
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Helton Creek Falls is a great easy hike or a nice addition to another close by trip.  The .1 trail to the falls is an easy hike leading to a 50+ foot high waterfall.  There is also a 30 ft waterslide just before Helton Creek Falls.  The trip surrounded you with towering eastern hemlocks, but due to the woolly aphids, (a small insect who are killing the hemlock trees) there are a lot of huge hemlocks that have been chopped down to help prevent the spread.  All in all it’s an easy hike to a nice waterfall and worth the stop.



From the Lodge, take a left on Camp Wahsega road (heading back to town).  When you reach the stop sign, turn left onto BUS 19.  Follow BUS 19 for 2 miles to the stop sign.  Take a left onto HWY 60 / 19.  Follow until 60 and 19 split.  You will notice a large pile of rocks in the intersection of the road.  This is a Cherokee Indian princess’s burial called Trahlyta’s Grave.  Turn right on HWY 19 and follow to the stop sign. You will see Turners Corner to your right.  Take a left at the stop sign and follow US 19/129 for 9.5 miles.  Turn right onto paved Helton Creek Road FS 118.  Travel 2.3 miles onn Helton Creek Road (pavement ends after .7 miles) to the railed, pull up parking area just past the trail head sign on the right.