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Short, easy hike

  • Author: Tim Quigley
  • Date Posted: Feb 7, 2015
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This is a short walk to a pretty waterfall.  There is not a real good trail to the base of the falls, so be careful as it can be slippery.

From the Lodge, follow the driveway to Bull Creek Rd and turn right at the stop sign on Camp Wahsega Rd.

Go 3.6 miles to the stop sign at the gate to the US Army Camp Frank D Merrill.

Turn left and the road soon turns to gravel. Drive 1/2 mile to Sgt Portello Rd, but don’t turn – instead pull just ahead to the sign that says “no vehicular trafffic, hikers welcome”.

Park there and walk down that trail and the waterfall will be on your right.

You can also visit Black Falls on the Etowah River from this parking spot if you walk down Sgt Portello Rd.  You can also drive down if the gate is open.